Mafia 2 reissue received an age rating

//Mafia 2 reissue received an age rating

Mafia 2: remaster from 11 May 2020 received on the territory of several countries, the age rating. Action was re-released for all current consoles and PC.

 Territories in which the game has received a special age rating, Korea and Taiwan have become. According to official documents, the name of the game is formulated in such a way – Mafia II: Definitive Edition. The latter is an indication that remaster Mafia 2 will contain all the additions, previously published for this game.

 For more information about what has changed in the game, you can read in our special material.

 However, there is still a mysterious news for fans of the game. In the past few days on the official game page on the social network Twitter began to appear intriguing record. In their contents do not have any explanation, monosyllabic posts read as – Power ( «Strength”) and Family ( «Partner»).

 Journalists and representatives of the community began to wonder what could be so mean doling posts, and concluded that, most likely, we are talking about the announcement remaster. However, we note that has not yet received official information about this on the part of the author.

 Mafia 2: Remastered preceded by the release of the original game, which took place 10 years ago. The next work was the third draft of the game, which was ruthlessly criticized by the community. Fans felt that the storylines are not interesting, but the job developed by the studio, the same type. Unsuccessful release took place four years ago.

 Recall that the details of the release of the fourth part of the Mafia can be found by reading the link material.

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